The Delaware County Child Support Enforcement Agency serves the public through effective implementation of federal/state regulations to establish and enforce support orders. The local Agency is under the authority of the Board of Commissioners.


Depending on the nature of a case, the Agency may be able to assist parents by providing one or more of the following services:


Paternity establishment for children born out-of-wedlock or for whom paternity is still a legal issue

Support order establishment

Medical order establishment

Collection and disbursement of support payments

Support order modification

Support and medical order enforcement

Issuance of withholding orders

Location of individuals who have a duty to pay child support


The Agency’s services are automatically available to all families actively receiving cash assistance or Medicaid as a participant in the Ohio Works First program. Non-recipients of Ohio Works First program, who reside in Delaware County or have a Delaware County order, can also receive service by completing an application.