The Delaware County CSEA establishes child support and medical support orders through an administrative process. This means a support order can be established without the parties appearing at a Court hearing. This process is both time saving and cost effective for the parties, as well as for the local Court system. Administrative Orders are legal and binding orders and are permitted under State Law.

In order for the Agency to establish a support order, you must first have a “final and enforceable determination of paternity.” The Agency can assist you in obtaining a “final and enforceable determination of paternity” if you do not already have one (Establishment of Paternity).

A monthly support obligation is calculated by using the Ohio Child Support Guidelines as established in Chapter 3119 of the Revised Code. The Guidelines take into consideration the incomes of both parents, the number of children, day care expenses and health insurance premium costs for the children in the case. To review the Ohio Child Support Guidelines, go to the Ohio Revised Code (Section 31) website at

State law also requires a medical support order to be established in conjunction with a child support order. A medical support order requires one or both partied to provide private health insurance for the child(ren); and, if no private insurance is in place, a cash medical support obligation is required. The medical support order also addresses the sharing of non-insured expenses for the child(ren).

Only courts have the authority to deviate from the guidelines used to calculate support orders. Courts may deviate if a party files a motion and presents evidence that the support calculation using the guidelines is “unjust, inappropriate, and not in the best interest of the child.”

If you would like to establish a support order for your child(ren), please click on the document below. Mail the completed application to the Agency at this address:

Delaware County Child Support Enforcement Agency
145 North Union Street
Delaware, Ohio 43015