Location activities may be needed in order for paternity/support establishment or enforcement. In addition, location activities are initiated to locate a payor’s employment.

The Agency is linked to several databases in Ohio that can assist in these location efforts. The links include, but not limited to, the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles, the Ohio Office of Unemployment Compensation, the Social Security Administration, the Internal Revenue Service and Ohio New Hire Directory.

Location of an individual or his/her employment outside the state of Ohio is more difficult because we do not have direct data links to other state systems. However, we do work with other states’ Enforcement Agencies for assistance in locating payors.

Clients are encouraged to inform the Agency with information about the other party. This can include possible addresses or employers, relatives that may know where he/she is, or any other leads you may have. Please contact the Agency at the number listed below if you have information that may help us locate the other party in your case.